Albuquerque to Job Growth: Drop Dead


Two Albuquerque city councilors have drafted the “Fair Workweek Act,” which would mandate that businesses offer nonsupervisory employees paid sick leave. It would also require the posting of schedules “three weeks in advance,” “modest compensation for last-minute schedule changes,” and “adequate rest time between shifts.”

Really? Are more regulations the answer to Albuquerque’s ailing economy?

The city has 17,100 fewer jobs today than when it reached its pre-Great Recession employment peak in March 2007. That’s not a misprint — it’s been more than eight years, and Albuquerque has yet to climb back to the number of jobs it had nearly two years before Barack Obama assumed the presidency.

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2 Replies to “Albuquerque to Job Growth: Drop Dead”

  1. Sounds like another liberal approach to “improving” a “not broken” system. Why don’t they (employers) just hand out paychecks whether the employees even show up. Making employers jump through a thousand hoops will not create more jobs or help the economy.

  2. As long as the voters continue to put idiots into a position where they can pass stupid laws that are destructive to business, suppress employment and raise the prices of goods and services; they will do it and we will pay the price. I hope the voters in the districts represented by these two city councilors take note of this ridiculous proposal and show them the door next election.

    This city and state are in deep doo-doo and passing more destructive regulations is absurd. If we made it easier to do business here maybe we could get back some of those 17,100 jobs driven out by just such anti-business lunacy.

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