Alibi Readers Decode Paul Gessing (again)

I remain a hot topic among Alibi readers in this week’s letters pages. Good to see that I rattled some cages among the lefties with my recent article.

Here are some responses to the points made in the letters:

Letter 1: Not sure what the writer’s point is here. He seems to claim that giving a group of people property rights over animals, for example, is a clear sign that capitalism doesn’t work. Not sure if the writer understands that a corporation is merely a legal entity formed by multiple people (typically) to act in the legal and economic spheres.

Letter 2: According to this individual, the sum total of the conservative philosophy can be summed up in one book by John Dean. All of the other sources on conservative and libertarian thought are out the window. This is silly.

Letter 3: The author makes no attempt to respond to my points. Very silly and I don’t know why they printed it at all.

Letter 4: Thanks Bill! Agreed.