All GOP Legislators Publicly Oppose MLG’s EV Mandate

In advance of the meeting next week of Gov. Lujan Grisham’s unelected Environmental Improvement Board during which they will decide whether or not to strictly limit the availability of gas powered vehicles, Republicans in BOTH houses of New Mexico’s Legislature have registered their opposition to the plan.

Here is the Senate GOP’s letter. 

Here is the House version.

Polls indicate that a majority of Americans don’t want to buy an EV as their next car. Those majorities are even bigger for low income and elderly people which New Mexico has in large numbers. 

Do New Mexico Democrats, especially in the Legislature, support the Gov.’s latest overreach? We’ll be asking them and so should you!

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5 Replies to “All GOP Legislators Publicly Oppose MLG’s EV Mandate”

  1. Hey, Communists Govonor MLG haven’t done one thing for us! You let Biden sign away 53,000 oil &gas jobs His 1st day in office! nothing for homeless, millions of fentanyl killing every day! And now your trying to take away our means to transportation and we can’t afford any more from YOU!

  2. Most of us aren’t going to buy an EV as our next vehicle, including myself. But the demand for them is growing and the fact that the RGF and the Republicans are in the pocket of the oil companies won’t keep that from happening.

    1. Demand is growing, but not fast enough to satisfy MLG’s demand that we purchase 43% EV’s by model year 2027 and 82% by model year 2032.

      By the way, the oil and gas industry isn’t fighting this battle. They sell their product internationally. New Mexico is not worth the battle for them. I wish it were.

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