All of APS a “Dropout Factory?”

According to a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University studies high school dropout rates and terms schools that graduate no more than 6 in 10 of incoming freshman a “dropout factory” that is failing far too many students.
According to an article about the study in the Albuquerque Journal, the New Mexico Public Education Department says that in New Mexico, 66 percent of incoming freshman make it to their senior years. That’s bad enough, but in Albuquerque’s Public Schools, only 61 percent of incoming freshmen make it to their senior years. This almost qualifies all of APS as a “dropout factory” according to the Johns Hopkins study.
Of course, APS has its own data which show that not nearly that not nearly so many of its students are dropping out, but New Mexico has already been shown to have fudged graduation data in the past. Who are you going to believe, objective researchers at Johns Hopkins or bureaucrats with a decided self interest who have misled in the past?