Allied Van Lines data: trend of Americans migrating to red states, fleeing “blue” states accelerated in 2021

The latest Allied Van Lines report which highlights where people are moving to and from is out. You can see the map below. All six of the states Americans moved TO in great numbers were “red” states with 3 of the 6 most popular lacking a personal income tax (Texas, Tennessee, and Florida).

On the other hand, all six states that saw the most outbound traffic were “blue” states (CA, IL, MI, PA, NY, NJ, and MD).

The same report highlighted the number of Californians leaving their state (a few data points below). For better or worse, New Mexico is NOT a leading destination for Californians. Four of the five cities that ARE destinations for Californians are in zero-income tax states. The other is Phoenix, AZ.

  • In 2021, California was the second-highest outbound state (66% of moves in California were outbound)
  • California has been in the top 10 outbound states for the last 5 years
  • Los Angeles was the 5th top outbound city (out of the entire country)

Where Are Californians Moving To?