American “renewables” won’t fuel our world OR stop climate change

American politicians from President Biden on down to Sen. Martin Heinrich and Gov. Lujan Grisham and many in the New Mexico Legislature are positively obsessed with “renewable” energy. They all pledge massive subsidies, mandates, and all manner of policies for the “transition” regardless of economic impact or the futility of actually moving the needle on CO2 emissions.

The following chart highlights just how small wind and solar are on a global energy use basis. You can see them on the chart which is better than prior to 2010, but to claim that wind and solar will result in the end of traditional energy sources is simply ridiculous and there is nothing that we can do about it barring total economic destruction. Even a crash shift to nuclear power would take decades to pull off.

And then there is China. China is already (far and away) the global leader in CO2 emissions, but China continues to expand its coal powered energy production as the July 20, 2022 article describes.