Americans are Angry (finally)!

There is an anger building in America. Having been hoodwinked by the supposedly “free market” Bush Administration, the transparent socialism of the Obama Administration is causing average Americans and even the media to take notice. If you haven’t already seen it, check out the following spot-on Rant from Rick Santelli on CNBC:

Lest you think Santelli is just another ranting, talking head on television, check out his insightful interview on National Review Online.
Lastly, a friend of mine, local Albuquerque businessman Wayne Unze, had an excellent letter to the Albuquerque Business Journal. The letter is pasted below:

In case you’re not already painfully aware, since the election stocks have plummeted approximately 2,000 points. This demonstrates a tremendous amount of investor displeasure, or at best, uncertainty, with regards to the newly elected administration. And with so many of the newly appointed Cabinet members either coming under fire and/or resigning for various inappropriate activities or resigning due to an inability to reconcile the new Economic Stimulus Package, investor confidence appears to be non-existent.
It will be interesting (and possibly very frightening) to see what the future holds for those of us who have worked so hard only to see our retirements usurped by a government more focused on earmarks and entitlements than restoring the free enterprise capitalistic system that made America great for so many years. Most Americans seems to have forgotten a very important principle: whenever you accept a “handout” from another individual or entity (especially the government), you relinquish some degree of personal freedom.