America’s “Laziest” Governors win in the end

In the dynamic world of COVID, many assertions, especially those made by members of the media and public health officials have been proven VERY wrong. Milan Simonich writes a political column for the Santa Fe New Mexican. He is NOT a reporter, rather he has axes to grind and is not shy about grinding them.

Here is a column Simonich wrote back in April of 2020. In it, he praises Michelle Lujan Grisham and rips Florida’s Ron DeSantis and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, both of whom, far from being “lazy” actually worked VERY hard to keep their states open despite tremendous pressure to bow to the media narrative and that of Dr. Fauci and lock down and/or mask kids in schools etc.

As you can see below that in World O Meters COVID data downloaded on February 22nd, 2022 (a few days after MLG dropped New Mexico’s mask mandate), Florida and South Dakota have outperformed New Mexico in terms of COVID deaths as a percent of the population (4th column from the right led by Georgia at 3,287).

“Laziness” and “respect for individual freedom” may be easily mistaken by those who believe government has all the answers when in reality, the “laziest” politician usually just follows the media narrative or the politically-expedient approach.