America’s richest counties: feeding at the trough

Horace Greely is famously quoted as saying “Go west young man.” The idea was that success and riches could be had if a young man only had the courage to live on the frontier and make a better life for themselves. If Greely were alive today, he might say: “Follow the government young man.”

A brief look at this recent article from Forbes makes it very clear that Americans are getting rich by sucking up to big government. 5 of the 6 richest counties in America are either in the Washington, DC area or have other massive government installations nearby — number 6 is Los Alamos right here in NM with the Los Alamos Labs.

I long for the day when the best a young man or woman could do is to innovate and create products in a free market that serve others, not rely on a bloated and inefficient federal government to become wealthy.

HT: Hap Richardson

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