Among the most locked-down states in America, New Mexico exceeds South Dakota, soon to exceed Florida in deaths/population

Remember when liberals (both here in New Mexico and around the nation) were ripping into Kristi Noem (SD) and Ron DeSantis (FL) for their supposedly poor management of COVID. For a taste, check out this particularly bad piece by Milan Simonich of the Santa Fe New Mexican and see comments from the “illustrious” Liz Thomson below (who repeatedly used the Twitter hashtag #deathsantis this fall as a COVID wave hit Florida.

Well, according to the COVID tracking site World o Meters, South Dakota now has a lower “COVID deaths per million” than New Mexico and if trends continue for another week or so, Florida will soon slip below New Mexico as well (see below). Both South Dakota and Florida have been MUCH more open economically and in terms of their schools than has New Mexico.

In fact, MLG has followed the failed leftist playbook of masking, social distancing, and hectoring people about vaccines. She has NOT pushed treatments such as monoclonal antibodies or addressed obesity as a leading risk factor as Ron DeSantis has.

You can see both the deaths per million number below in the far right column and also see the trend which favors Florida in particular, a much higher-population state than New Mexico.