Among the Worst Cities for Jobs


Joel Kotkin is an invaluable demographer. An expert on how Americans actually live — as opposed to how Nanny State elites want us to live — he’s issued his 2016 list of “The Best Cities For Jobs.”

Kotkin’s survey documents “the robustness of a region’s growth both recently and over time, with a minor addition to mitigate the volatility that the Great Recession has introduced into the time series.” The goal is “to capture a snapshot of the present and prospective employment outlook in each MSA.”

You know where this is headed.

Of 98 mid-sized metro regions, Albuquerque ranked a dismal 85th. Even Canton, Worcester, New Haven, Green Bay, Toledo, Portland (Maine), and Springfield (Massachusetts) fared better. For the 253 smaller urban regions Kotkin examined, Santa Fe ranked 156th, Farmington 169th, and Las Cruces 191st.

Mired in Big Government, federal dependence, one-party rule, and implacable resistance to pro-growth policy changes, policy-wise, the Land of Enchantment is stuck on stupid. Broad, sweeping changes are needed — now. Let’s get started.