An innovative approach (from New York City no less) on managing city parks (from John Stossel)

The City of Albuquerque has some nice parks. It also has some parks that need a little “TLC” and then there are others (like Coronado Park) that have been completely overrun by “homeless” campers.

No matter what you think about the City’s homeless policy, it would seem that public parks are not an appropriate place to simply hand over to the homeless. In New York City (not known as a bastion of free market policies by any stretch) managing the limited green space is of utmost concern. So, the City works with private companies to manage the parks.

Not only are the homeless kept at bay, but there are numerous amenities available that make these New York parks economically-beneficial to their surrouning areas. Check out this short video.

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2 Replies to “An innovative approach (from New York City no less) on managing city parks (from John Stossel)”

  1. This is a great example of how to make our parks safe again, without using government taxes to do the job. Wish Albuquerque – or the whole state of NM – could take a lesson from this.

  2. We’ve seen a steady decline in the upkeep of our westside parks, we have people who eat from our park garbage can’s. It’s a pretty sad situation being the poorest state in the country and having some severely inept politician’s who spend to keep the people poor and weak.
    Governor Michelle put the white flag up on NM education, accepting that no amount of Government spending has any positive impact on NM student’s, thus getting the Exemption for NM student’s to do the SAT.

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