An Ironic OOPS!

Patsy Madrid advocates big government “solutions” to every problem imaginable as she runs for congress, hoping to represent Albuquerque and environs. Yet her campaign organization could not even arrange to have her national radio broadcast heard in Albuquerque:

…no one with Madrid’s campaign, nor the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, confirmed that KKOB would actually broadcast the speech. The radio station aired a program about computers in the Saturday morning slot.
In fact, KKOB does not broadcast the weekly Democratic National Radio Address— nor the President of the United States’ Weekly Radio Address, station officials said.

Not to worry, though, this is just one little error. When it comes to big government making our decisions for us, errors will not be made. Right? Yeah, right.
BTW: in case you were wondering there is no way I can defend Heather Wilson’s support of the Bush Administrations new prescription drug entitlement program under Medicare. But you should be suspicious of Madrid’s supposed “simplification” involving even more government mandates over markets.