An update on Bernalillo County’s proposed Project Labor Agreement legislation

The latest job-killing special-interest-driven attempt to take money out of your pockets could be voted on as soon as September 22, 2020,

Bernalillo County Commissioner Debbie O’Malley (along with Commissioner Collie) introduced the legislation at Tuesday’s meeting.

If adopted, the bill would require union labor be hired for on public works projects if any part of them are paid for by the County. One study found that such agreements increase construction costs by 13 percent. Numerous other studies show that such agreements are unfair to the 92% of workers who are NOT union members and they jack up construction costs for no benefit. 

You can read more here under agenda item 8. PLA’s essentially hand public works projects over to unions in ways that increase costs to taxpayers. Please contact your commissioners and tell them that raising the cost of roads and other public projects is a terrible idea:

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One Reply to “An update on Bernalillo County’s proposed Project Labor Agreement legislation”

  1. The union labor requirement is a taxpayer subsidy for unions and politicians. Wages are higher because a percentage goes to the union which, in turn, contributes to the campaigns of pro-union politicians. Nice racket.

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