Analyzing New Mexico’s pluses and minuses (especially for remote workers)

An interesting news story from KOB TV recently included a discussion of things that businesses (or individuals) might consider as they consider relocating in a post-COVID world. And it is true that for a variety of reasons New Mexico could be a much more attractive location for those remote workers who might otherwise HAVE to live in a big, expensive city.

So, here’s what they came up with as New Mexico’s strengths:

  • Low cost of living
  • Low property taxes
  • Infrastructure for workforce training
  • Nice weather

I’d also add the following:

  • Unique culture/cuisine
  • Outdoor activities (skiing, golf, and hiking to name a few)

What about the negatives? Better still,  can they be changed or improved?

  • High crime (hard to solve, but could be improved)
  • Poor K-12 education system (political challenges like unions, but solutions are readily available)
  • High overall taxes and gross receipts tax that could be especially problematic for “remote” workers
  • Poor broadband access especially outside of major cities (could be solved)
  • Relative geographical isolation (there are few major cities with amenities like pro sports teams within driving distance)
  • No “big city” vibe anywhere in the State (notably Albuquerque’s downtown)

What do you think? If you are one of those remote workers are YOU thinking about relocating to New Mexico? Would you add or subtract items on this list? Send us a note at:

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