Analyzing the forces that drive prices at the pump

The Rio Grande Foundation is participating in a panel discussion on gas prices and the oil and gas industries in New Mexico on May 30 (you can find out more about the free luncheon event here).

Writing at, RGF president Paul Gessing explains some of the factors that caused gas prices to rise so dramatically a few months ago and why they have been falling from those highs in recent weeks.

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One Reply to “Analyzing the forces that drive prices at the pump”

  1. Obama is implementing a fool-proof strategy to reduce gas prices at the pump by embracing Supply and Demand. His motivation, of course, is lower gas prices equals more votes he’ll get. So he has reasoned if fewer folks are working, fewer can afford nor need as much gas as they have in the past. That reduces demand. Therefore, unemployment statistics is a de facto indicator of what’s in store for us at the pump. What a guy!

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