And the Biggest Political Donors are…

Government Labor Unions! No surprise there. See the breakdown for yourself from here. I admit that we are dealing with different (national) data here than applies specifically to New Mexico (which I discussed here). Of course, Carter Bundy (AFSCME’s lobbyist) took me to task for my supposed disinformation.

The fact is that public sector unions were the single biggest “industry” with other unions following close on their heels. Not surprisingly, ZERO of those labor union dollars went to “conservatives” according to the report. Amazingly enough, both classes of labor union give more than those nasty Wall Street bankers who suckered Congress and the White House into bailing them out.

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2 Replies to “And the Biggest Political Donors are…”

  1. Since public employees are paid with tax money collected from everybody, not just suppporters, and then part of that tax money is siphoned-off into the coffers of corrupt labor unions, labor unions should be required to make political donations equally: i.e., 50% to conservative candidates and 50% to liberal candidates. To borrow a tired liberal whine, “It’s only fair”.

  2. Even better, no portion of funds collected should be allowed to be used for political action. I am not certain of the tax position of public employee unions however if they enjoy tax exempt status, they should be prohibited from any political participation, a’ la 501(c)3 corporations.
    Being able to use union funds to support a party or political issue is self-serving and incestuous.
    Since unions fill the coffers of Democrats almost exclusively, any action to curb their power politically would be futile. It will require a Tea Party initiative or other grass roots action to correct.

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