And the legislators who voted for freedom in 2021 are…

The Rio Grande Foundation tracks floor votes on floor votes in the New Mexico Legislature through our Freedom Index.  Votes that are the MOST pro-freedom are scored up to +8 points while the most anti-freedom bills are rated as low as -8. Legislators receive points based on those votes.

One additional note: comparing House and Senate results is problematic as the two bodies vote on different bills with the Senate typically taking fewer overall votes.

Freedom Index Results

House: best

  • James Strickler 122 points
  • Stefani Lord 109 points
  • Randal Pettigrew 108 points

Senate: best

  • Cliff Pirtle 68 points
  • Mark Moores 65 points

House: worst

  • Miguel Garcia -189 points
  • Speaker Brian Egolf -187 points

Senate: worst

  • Jeff Steinborn & Mimi Stewart -150
  • Liz Stefanics -146
  • Katy Duhigg -145

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