Announcing the New Mexico Outrageous Law Contest

The Rio Grande Foundation, along with the New Mexico Alliance for Legal Reform, is offering cash rewards for anyone who “turns in” the craziest laws whether they be statewide or city/county here in New Mexico. Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White is the honorary chair of the contest.
More information including instructions for submitting your entries is available here. Check out this listing of crazy laws in other states for ideas on what to look for.

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One Reply to “Announcing the New Mexico Outrageous Law Contest”

  1. The craziest laws are those that kill people for crimes such as being sick or injured. The kind that are supported by Sheriff White, drug laws. Denying people the right to defend their own lives. Laws that permit one person to make life or death decisions for another person. These laws probably aren’t crazy they are insane.

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