Another economic ranking study: Top States for Business

I’ve written a few times recently about New Mexico’s poor scores in several rankings on economic freedom. Go here and here. Well, CNBC has its own rankings of business friendliness and the results are not much better for the Land of Enchantment.

Overall, New Mexico ranks 43rd which is consistent with the other rankings. New Mexico performs best (24th) on Quality of Life on the CNBC report and performs worst (46th) on Business Friendliness. Not surprisingly, Texas performs highly, ranking second to Virginia on the CNBC ranking).

New Mexico has a lot of work to do to become an attractive place to do business.

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5 Replies to “Another economic ranking study: Top States for Business”

  1. Why does Texas rank so high? One reason is it’s a Right to Work state. On this New Mexico is still in the stone age. Let’s make New Mexico a Right to Work state. It time be break the monopoly!

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