Another ObamaCare lie busted: ER visits to rise under the law

The hits keep on coming for ObamaCare. First, Obama told us that if we liked our coverage we could keep it, now it looks like his claim that the law would reduce costly visits to hospital emergency rooms is being undermined by a new study out of Oregon. As a bit of background, ER visits are notoriously expensive and tend to be an inefficient way to deliver health care services, especially when people really don’t need emergency care.

Astute readers will recall that I have written in the past about Oregon having engaged in a massive experiment by holding a lottery to either give or not give poor people Medicaid. ObamaCare achieves most of its coverage increase by simply expanding Medicaid coverage (although the Supreme Court ultimately gave the states the final call on this).

Well, according to the new report, contrary to Obama’s assertions to the contrary, people on Medicaid are MORE likely to visit the ER than those who did not receive the expanded coverage. Oops! Just another ObamaCare lie and just another way this law will further harm American health care.

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2 Replies to “Another ObamaCare lie busted: ER visits to rise under the law”

  1. I have heard the statistic that only about 50% of U.S. physicians accept Medicaid (because of low reimbursement rates and strangling paperwork). I assume that Medicaid patients have a difficult time finding treating physicians via the appointment route, so they simply go to emergency rooms where they have to be treated (and where cost does not matter to the patients because all the medical cost is being borne by the government).

  2. Indeed, just as the Rio Grande Foundation shouldn’t get tax breaks for their political and economic agenda lies either. :$

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