Another Setback for Free Speech

The House has voted 218-209 for more restrictions on our freedom of speech. National Review editorializes:

We’re old enough to remember when the Republican mainstream was against restricting campaign finance. That was about four years ago. Way back then, House leaders were decrying McCain-Feingold as damaging to the GOP’s electoral fortunes and probably unconstitutional. How times change. The current crop of House leaders, acting with the White House’s blessing, is set to introduce legislation this week that would restrict the ability of so-called 527s — nonprofit groups named for the section of the tax code under which they operate — to raise money for political causes. Quite apart from the unseemliness of this about-face, the legislation deserves to be defeated. It is both politically unwise and, more important, an objectionable restriction on speech.

Tom Udall was the only New Mexico representative to stand tall against these restrictions. Jeff Flake and John Shadegg of Arizona and Ron Paul of Texas were among the 18 Republicans who are not shamed.