Another tough week for the local economy: what can be done?

New Mexico’s economy continues to be buffeted by bad news;

400 Intel workers being “redeployed” out of our state; and

While not as devastating, a local supermarket closing its doors.

I found this opinion article in the Albuquerque Journal to be quite interesting. While the article focused primarily on green chiles and happy memories of our state, the fact is that the individual moved to Nebraska (a Right to Work state) to find work.

While it is easy to get down about the bad news and some would love to lay the problem at the feet of Gov. Martinez (while ignoring the Legislature’s primary role in making economic policy), there is no doubt that New Mexico can and must do better.

The time for half-measures is over. We need a right to work law, pro-growth tax reform, and serious education reforms including school choice.

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4 Replies to “Another tough week for the local economy: what can be done?”

  1. The solution to what “we need” is clearly in the hands of the voters and who they send to the legislature. As long as most of the NM voters believe that the majority party has their best interests at heart and will if elected/reelected fix all of NM’s problems, things will not change. One party rule has been in effect for over 75 years; if the ruling party wanted, the problems could have been solved long ago. Instead, solutions are blocked and problems are made worse by the party who claims to have the solutions. They would rather have the issue to run on than a solution that would improve the economic conditions of New Mexicans. If voters would make the connection that the legislative leadership is responsible for the sad state of affairs and vote them out things would improve. Colorado made such a move last week.

  2. Electing a Republican Legislature would certainly help New Mexico and make its economy more successful like that of Texas rather than California. Keeping a Republican governor is necessary too.

    What are some of the policies that would be different? Taxes would be lower, disincentives to work would be less and regulation would be less anti-business. The expensive “pit rule” which adds costs to drilling oil wells would be gone. Open ended public pension benefits which threaten the states solvency would be changed. In its place would be defined contribution benefit plans with known costs. Education polices would be better with less union influence. School education vouchers would help a lot. Over-the-top wasteful environmental and energy directives would stop. Electricity would cost less. It’s a long list and everyone would be wealthier.

    I’m no expert in public policy or spending so it would be helpful if others would add to the list of differences a Republican legislature would make.

  3. Today’s Albuquerque Journal (9-16-13) reports that some city councilors want to enact criminal penalties for violating the new city minimum wage law. Proposed is a $500 fine and 90 days in jail for violating a law that is hard to understand and apply. That is guaranteed to discourage the creation of jobs. This makes you wonder what the left really wants — to create jobs or punish business.

    It’s this contradiction that makes the left unqualified to govern.

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