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The Internet is great. I couldn’t do what I do at the Rio Grande Foundation without it. Nonetheless, as Thomas Friedman rightly pointed out in his book “The World is Flat,” technology levels the playing field for EVERYONE regardless of the merits of their work or their arguments.

And, while I am used to being attacked by those who disagree with me and the Rio Grande Foundation for believing in smaller government, my personal integrity has never been attacked…until some guy named Christopher Dudley came along.

Dudley posted a bunch of accusations that mostly centered around two alleged points:

1) I lied about my background and resume;
2) RGF is a membership organization that has little support except from corporate sponsors.

The second argument is just silly. As this article points out, 501c3 non-profits are not really “membership” organizations. So, we don’t have “members” at all. His corporate sponsorship number is also completely fictional as that information is simply not available for 501c3s. The best financial information on non-profits is contained in a group’s 990 form and is available online at

Now, to his claim that I am a liar. Here is my bio. It mentions that I have published in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and US News and World Reports.

In some cases, there are more than one, but here is more than ample evidence to illustrate that I have not misrepresented myself.

Here is one from US News.

Here is one from the Washington Post (by no means the only one, for more, go to the Post’s advanced archival search page and type in “Paul Gessing”).

And here are a few from the Wall Street Journal, here, and here.

Anyway, I’d never have responded to this jackball because I have more important things to do, but mainstream news outlets inquired and I felt the need to respond. So, be careful out there and don’t believe everything you read online.

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4 Replies to “Any Idiot with a Blog…”

  1. Paul: It is telling that in the short time you’ve been at the helm of Rio Grande Foundation you’ve managed to get the ‘other side’ so stirred up.

    I say ‘other side’ because it is important to note that we are a ‘non-partisan’ organization. Our educational effort IS all about reforming public policy which has been so detrimental to our state for so very, very long.

    We’ve seen New Mexico fall to its worst status of all time under the liberal/progressive agenda at the hands of one party control for over seventy years. And, rather than looking inward at themselves, these perpetrators blame others…

    Finally, in Rio Grande Foundation, we have a voice of reason opposing that agenda!

    Good on ya!

  2. If this guy Dudley had just done a google search on you, he would know that what is in your bio is all truth. It is so easy to check people out these days for free (and find more dirt for a fee). The guy didn’t do his homework before making such statements.

    As for getting the masses riled up, it was retired General Colin Powell who said, “If you aren’t pissing people off, then you are not doing your job.”

    1. Thank you Lee! I agree with you. It is just like making assertions about other facts online. You can put a link to actual data right in the text. If you don’t do that, it looks like you’re full of it.

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