APD issues highlight problems with government employee unions

The left’s reaction — if there is one — will be interesting to the latest controversy between the Albuquerque Police Department’s union and the Berry Administration. The issue came to a head after the latest APD shooting and the Berry Administration’s call for more officer training.

There are three salient points from which we can begin the discussion:

1) Officers at APD have been involved in a lot of shootings recently;

2) In the private sector/real world, if your boss tells you to get more training and is paying you for this activity, you salute and say “thank you very much.” This is not a controversy;

3) Broadly speaking, “the left” tends to have more concerns about police shootings than those on the right.

The police union is being completely unreasonable here. It appears that the union believes that even accepting training on dealing with volatile situations is some kind of admission of guilt. I just don’t get it. The union is being confrontational for the sake of being confrontational. Is there any question that relations between City Hall and APD would be better without union hostility? Would Albuquerque be safer without a unionized police force? Will the left defend the Berry Administration or just sit by and let him fight a fight they should be a part of?

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4 Replies to “APD issues highlight problems with government employee unions”

  1. Comment on your point number 3 which says, “Broadly speaking, “the left” tends to have more concerns about police shootings than those on the right”.

    Quite frankly I’m glad someone speaks up. Better to say something than nothing. Blind allegiance or faith in any government entity is unwise and irresponsible. This is especially true of any organization that carries badges and weapons.

    Paul, I know you read the Journal and some of the activities concerning the APD and their leadership are frightening. Darren White is plain scary given his track record of abuse of power. Not to mention corruption – over a million spent on TruTouch phones that sat on a shelf unused. But then Darren is a good ole boy, right. Good thing Sheriff Houston spoke up and the case was forwarded to the attorney general. The ties between TruTouch and Darren White go way beyond customer/vendor.

    1. I think skepticism of government at all levels is wise. Sometimes conservatives lose sight of this when the issue is cops and the military. Liberals should be commended on those occasions when they are skeptics of government power and conservatives and libertarians should take those opportunities to show them how government is the problem, not poor leadership of that government.

  2. Unions always think they are correct and every one else is wrong. So if more training was really a good idea, the union should have proposed it.

    Doesn’t Mayor Berry know that before doing any thing, consult with the Union first?

    After all, does the Mayor think he is running the government??

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