APS brass acknowledge: Kids are banging on the door of charter schools

Sometimes the real story gets lost in what the bureaucrats are attempting to sell. This story from the Albuquerque Journal is a great example.

Some at APS are trying to make it appear that charter schools are “gaming” the small schools funding formula in order to get more money than traditional public schools. The reality is that charter schools receive less funding per student than traditional public schools. And yet, as APS budget director Ruben Hendrickson notes, “kids are banging on the door” of charter schools. What are they fleeing? Why, massive, traditional public schools that parents see (and reams of data indicate) as failing their children.

So, to recap, parents seem to prefer smaller schools for their children and prefer charter schools over traditional schools. As taxpayer-funded public servants, isn’t it time for APS to allow parents and students to decide what is best rather than imposing their preferences on everyone else?

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One Reply to “APS brass acknowledge: Kids are banging on the door of charter schools”

  1. Great piece Paul, and sums up my 14 years experience with the APS Octopus.
    They resist change, particularly if such change might reduce their monopoly, which includes, of course, the almighty Teachers Union.

    What are the significant changes introduced by APS in the past, oh, say 10 years, which have lead to higher graduation rates? Well, I am holding my breath.

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