APS is NOT in a deficit

Hot on the heels of Rio Grande Foundation’s analysis of the Albuquerque Public Schools’ budget, the Albuquerque Journal ran this article in which the district bemoaned the loss of students and Superintendent Elder discussed the possibility of eliminating some 300 positions.

No government agency wants to have to reduce staffing, but wasn’t it WAY back in October of 2021, the District was saying that it had too few teachers and staff? With fewer students to educate, it is incumbent on the District to reduce staffing or at least “rightsize.”

Additionally (and not mentioned in the article) is the fact that a plummeting student population (with little sign of a long-term trend in the opposite direction) SHOULD allow the District to shed some outdated buildings and other infrastructure. APS has long been a building/infrastructure-heavy district. It is time to make those decisions and free up necessary resources as well.

As seen below, on a per-pupil basis APS is spending more than ever per student. With the Legislature’s actions this year that number will go even higher in the next budget. It is time for APS to do better.