Are we happy with 49th in education?

As the special session made clear, many of the Democratic leaders of the Legislature are not serious about tackling education reform. With New Mexico children consistently coming in 49th in the nation in a variety of education measures, one would think that there would be a groundswell of change.

Interestingly enough, as I point out in this new opinion piece, there ARE bi-partisan efforts being made to make needed reforms, but with the current “leadership” in Santa Fe, it would seem that that at least SOME are perfectly happy failing generations of New Mexico children.

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3 Replies to “Are we happy with 49th in education?”

  1. Excellent opinion piece in the Las Cruces Sun.

    The primary purpose of K – 12 public school education in NM is to provide employment, it is NOT to educate our children. When one drills into the stats at the national center for educational statistics, one will discover that , since 1970, student enrolment has increased by 8% while school staffing has increased by 85%. One discovers that , since 1970, the reading and math scores on the nation’s report card exams have remained the same as they were in 1970 even though per capita education spending has increased by 600%.

    As long as New Mexicans continue being sheeple, there will be no improvement with our pathetic public education system.

  2. The legislature itself may have a vested interest in the status quo. A quick scan of the legislative roster shows that 12 members of the house and 6 senators list their occupation as education. There may others who are retired school employees. As I understand it, the part-status of legislators makes them exempt from conflict of interest rules.

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