Arizona Pre K Results Bode Poorly for NM

Rio Grande Foundation policy analyst Stephen Ford discusses the results (or lack thereof) of Arizona’s Pre-K program and how they may be relevant for New Mexico policymakers in the Rio Rancho Observer. Unfortunately, albeit not surprisingly, Governor Richardson is not concerned with results and is moving ahead with even greater funding for pre K, having sent out a press release to that effect earlier this month.
Among other things, the Governor allocated “an additional $14 million toward the expansion of PreK programs in New Mexico, boosting the number of students served by 63 percent.” According to the release, “the $14 million will pay for nineteen new programs. The pre K program expansion makes 58 programs available in 43 communities across the state and will increase access to early childhood education for approximately 3,568 four-year olds.”
With less-than-promising results in Arizona, it is unlikely that New Mexico’s abysmal education system will be improved by giving them another year to do a bad job of teaching our children. Only time will tell.