Arizona “virtual” charter school a model for New Mexico?

The video below illustrates how an innovative charter school — Carpe Diem Charter School — allows children to learn at their own pace while achieving results that blow “traditional” government-run schools out of the water in terms of results. In a free market educational system, this kind of innovation would be much more common, but the freedom given to charter schools has spurred some exciting innovations. Check out the compelling video below:

Carpe Diem Marketing Video – Final Cut from Nicholas Tucker on Vimeo.

Can we bring a similar model to New Mexico?

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2 Replies to “Arizona “virtual” charter school a model for New Mexico?”

  1. Actually, this is NOT new. APS does offer a high school program on the internet, and has been doing so for a number of years.

    Our next door neighbor’s grand daughter did this program has she found that she could learn better at her own pace and times.

  2. Seizing the day should be for every child. Working with kids one on one is crucial in their learning and to gain their respect and trust to learn.
    Para-professionals are crucial in helping to give the best to children to help them aim high–not only for one on one interactions but to help with testing and other ways to help children to grow to their full potential!

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