Article uses RGF research to blow apart case for NM Spaceport

At RGF we tend to follow New Mexico media outlets pretty closely, but we had missed The Sierra County Sun. The Spaceport is based in Sierra County and no County wants manned commercial space launches than Sierra County, one of the most economically-challenged counties in our already-economically-challenged State.

Later this year (October 18 of 2021) the facility will “celebrate” its 10th anniversary, but after a decade we are STILL waiting for something resembling manned space tourism launches at the facility. Interestingly, relying heavily on Rio Grande Foundation analysis, The Sierra County Sun has one of the most trenchant and thoughtful analyses of the Spaceport that we’ve seen in the numerous media outlets that have explored the facility and its “impact.” Check it out here.

You can read the RGF analysis by Danny Seymour here.

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