As the EIB meets to impose EV’s on New Mexicans new report finds EV costs at least $53,000 more over 10 years than conventional vehicles

The Environmental Improvement Board is still taking public comment on the Gov.’s plan to force you to buy an electric vehicle. You can send them a note pushing back against their mandate here, but time is short. 

According to a new study reported on in the New York Post, government subsidies have made EV’s look affordable even when they aren’t.

The stark reality is the average EV costs at least $53,000 more over 10 years than conventional vehicles, effectively doubling the price of the average new car.

But $22 billion in government handouts to EV owners and manufacturers absorb the extra expense at every stage of the vehicle’s life, from raw-material sourcing to battery charging.

Gov. Lujan Grisham is planning a big ramp-up in EV subsidies to complement her planned mandates. Ironically, the budget to fund those subsidies is largely derived from the oil and gas industry. Furthermore:

While EV advocates claim charging costs are equivalent to $1.21-per-gallon gasoline, the real amount is an order of magnitude more.

Including the charging equipment, subsidies from governments and utilities and other frequently excluded expenses, the true cost of charging an EV is equivalent to $17.33-per-gallon gasoline — but the EV owner pays less than 7% of that.