Ashton Kutcher on work and innovation…

I never thought Ashton Kutcher (AKA Chris) would appear on Errors of Enchantment, but he made some recent waves with a powerful and insightful speech at the Teen Choice Awards. See below. I especially appreciate his comments about work and it’s value (a message that is so often undermined by the far left who seem to value welfare more) and his admonishment to not accept the world as it is, but to help make the world what you want it to be. These are the innovators and entrepreneurs we need to improve our nation and especially our state.

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  1. I’ve thought of Ashton Kutcher as a cute, comedic dilettante. This acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards to young, impressionable kids is terrific. He is a thinking, hard working man with ideals compatible with those of any intelligent American. I hope his thoughts on “sexy”, especially made a strong impression on the audience. He says that sexy is being smart and kind and thoughtful. Hurray! That’s what kds need to hear from one of their heroes, as well as “work hard ” and make your own world…don’t live in someone else’s. I have become a fan.

    1. Libertarians have the strongest view of private property of ANY group. I really have no idea what you are talking about.

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