Atlas Shrugged Lives on in Google Antitrust Case

If there ever was a real-world equivalent of Reardan Metal, it might just be Google. I’ve been using the site since college (the late 1990s) when I realized that it was the one search engine that constantly found what I was looking for in what was then the untamed wilds of the Internet.

Evidently, Google, like Microsoft more than a decade ago, has grown too successful for the bureaucrats in the Federal Government to tolerate. So, they have filed an antitrust case against the fabulously-successful internet search company.

The fact is that the antitrust case is silly. Google has a large market share because it is an amazing product. There is no monopoly. I could start my own search engine website if I wanted to, but it wouldn’t be as good as the ubiquitous Google. Simply put, the government should butt out and let Google continue to create jobs and innovative products. Putting the shackles on innovators will only hasten the day when Atlas Shrugged becomes reality.