Believe it or not, 2012 was a GOOD year

It may sound odd to say this given the general “malaise” if you will in this country, but 2012 was a good year. Yes, the national political scene is a mess, but, when presented with real problems that have simple, straight-forward solutions, advocates for limited government at the state level were able to take action to solve those problems.

Indiana and Michigan became the latest states to pass Right to Work legislation designed to make themselves more economically-competitive while Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker held firm against the overreach of big labor in Wisconsin.

In Washington, Republicans and their candidates, by contrast, remain flacid and generally unable (or unwilling) to explain how free markets and limited government benefit average Americans and should form the basis for the US economy. Lack of vision is not a good electoral strategy and the results this past November show that. Their performance in the ongoing “fiscal cliff” negotiations remains lacking with too little talk of specific and immediate spending cuts and too much talk of raising taxes.

The moral? Federalism. Problems get solved when they are manageable and devolved to the appropriate level. Conservatives must always understand that Washington is a monopoly government (two things not known for efficiency and responsiveness). At least the states are competing governments (when it comes to population and economic growth) that cannot print their own money (as can Washington).

Still don’t think 2012 was a good year, check out this article from The Spectator.

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