Best bills of 2021 Legislature so far

HB 139: Terminates Gov.’s emergency declarations after 90 days unless extension approved by the Legislature;

HB 8: Allows home liquor delivery and “liberalizes” license rules;

HB 26: Disallows “greenfield” developments from TIDD’s;

HB 33: Authorizes NM livestock board to inspect meat;

HB 49: Exempt Social Security from taxation;

HB 177: Allows for sale of certain foods produced in home kitchens;

HJR 6: Terminates declaration of emergency by Gov. after 90 days unless Legislature approves extension;

HJR 7: Allows for parents of New Mexico students to use state education dollars for the school of their choice;

*SB 2: Waives liquor license fees for 2021;

SB 6: Allows home liquor delivery and “liberalizes” license rules;

SB 78: Exempts Social Security from income tax;

SB 87: Prohibits retaliation based on IPRA requests;

SB 98: Requires economic impact reports on incentive programs;


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3 Replies to “Best bills of 2021 Legislature so far”

  1. I’d much rather see a 30-day limit on governor’s emergency declarations, but if this is the best on offer, I’d take it. Thanks for the whole list, Paul!

  2. With a Democrat majority in Legislature, the Democrats would keep extending emergency powers. Bill needs to stop emergency powers after 60 days PERIOD! That type of bill wouldn’t pass now but if we ever have a crack at it with a republican governor it must get done.

    1. Totally agree, but SOME kind of limitation now is critical. Hopefully the GOP in NM eventually figures out a way to win some elections.

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