Best bills of 2021 Legislature so far

HB 139: Terminates Gov.’s emergency declarations after 90 days unless extension approved by the Legislature;

HB 8: Allows home liquor delivery and “liberalizes” license rules;

HB 26: Disallows “greenfield” developments from TIDD’s;

HB 33: Authorizes NM livestock board to inspect meat;

HB 49: Exempt Social Security from taxation;

HB 177: Allows for sale of certain foods produced in home kitchens;

HJR 6: Terminates declaration of emergency by Gov. after 90 days unless Legislature approves extension;

HJR 7: Allows for parents of New Mexico students to use state education dollars for the school of their choice;

*SB 2: Waives liquor license fees for 2021;

SB 6: Allows home liquor delivery and “liberalizes” license rules;

SB 78: Exempts Social Security from income tax;

SB 87: Prohibits retaliation based on IPRA requests;

SB 98: Requires economic impact reports on incentive programs;