Best bills of New Mexico Legislature…so far

Despite there being A LOT of bad bills in the 2022 session even with only 30 days to consider them, there ARE some good bills. Here are some of the BEST bills introduced so far. We’ll also “handicap” the likelihood that each bill will pass:

HB 40/HJR 3: Reps. Greg Nibert (R), Daymon Ely (D), Randall T. Pettigrew (R), Stefani Lord (R), and Rachel A. Black (R). This bill/amendment would place limits on the Governor (whoever that may be) and give the Legislature a “seat at the table” in future emergencies. Unfortunately, while similar bills were introduced in the 2021 session which lasted 60 days and a recent special session, this worthwhile bill which has bipartisan sponsorship has a LOW chance of passage.

HB 48/HB 49/SB 108 These bills introduced by Reps. Gail Armstrong (R), Cathrynn N. Brown (R), Randall T. Pettigrew (R) , Candie G. Sweetser (D), Rebecca Dow (R), and Sen. Padilla (D) would end taxation of Social Security under New Mexico’s personal income tax. This issue has been around for a few years, but Gov. Lujan Grisham has said that she supports eliminating the tax. We don’t know EXACTLY what she means (like if she’ll raise other taxes to do it), but these bills DO NOT offset the tax with new taxes. MODERATE chance of passage.

HB 76/SB 85  Reps. Phelps Anderson (I),  Harry Garcia (D)
T. Ryan Lane (R), Joy Garratt (D), Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (R), and Sen. Harold Pope (D) would give a $30,000 exemption for military pensions. This bill is a worthy follow-up to the Social Security discussion, especially with New Mexico’s large number of ex-military. But, it is unlikely to happen this year. 

HB 91: Reps. Rebecca Dow (R),  Luis M. Terrazas (R),  James G. Townsend (R),  Candy Spence Ezzell, (R), and  Randall T. Pettigrew would prohibit the teaching of Critical Race Theory in New Mexico schools. It is unlikely to pass this year.

HJR 11: Reps. James G. Townsend (R), Ryan Lane (R), Larry Scott (R), Rod Montoya, (R), and Stefani Lord (R) would amend New Mexico’s constitution to specifically allow school funding to flow to families to choose the education option that makes sense for them which may include private schools or home school. Zero Chance of Passage until the unions no longer control New Mexico’s Legislature and Gov.

SB 5: Sen. Bobby Gonzalez (D), reduces the Gross Receipts Tax rate imposed by the State of New Mexico from 5.125% to 4.875 percent. This WAS a top priority of the Gov. prior to the session, but when she asked the Legislature to eliminate the Social Security tax in her State of the State address she seemed to shift emphasis away from reducing GRT rates. We still believe this has a High Chance of Passage.

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11 Replies to “Best bills of New Mexico Legislature…so far”

  1. Best bills of New Mexico sound great but t most don’t look like they will pass. How sad. Especially CRT. Fight harder

  2. I think you should also include SB 85 and companion House Bill 76.
    It’s good that they are finally pushing the Social Security PIT exemption and the PIT exemption for retired pay of military members and widowed spouses is long overdue for approval. It also has a much better ROI potential.

    Thanks, Dave Coulie

  3. Trying to be hopeful and not give up before the start but the voters of this state, my home state, can’t seem to get it. They re elect the same party over and over as things get worse and worse. So disappointed.

  4. Military retirees would bring in $1.8B a year. They would not be a drain on the state–no childcare, already have their own healthcare system, start new businesses, and more.
    Yet the legislators continue to thumb their noses at a billion dollars, I guess because the Dems want people dependent on the dole. NM is one of a small group of states that continues to be uneducated when it comes to the economic pluses that retirees can bring to a state. With 47% of the state on some form of welfare, soon those taking from the rest of us will exceed those paying taxes. (I am not referring to those who are truly, truly needing help.)

    1. I agreed with Marsha on this one. We are at a competitive disadvantage with all our surrounding neighbors who at least have partial exemptions for military retirement. Most notably, Arizona completely removed taxation of military pensions last year. Military retirees bring work ethic, entrepreneurship, an educated workforce, and in-demand skills. The economic boost created by their adopting NM as their after-service home with greatly out weight any lost taxation. This is just a good idea whose time has come.

    2. excellent post I left NY many years ago in the hopes that NM wouldn’t repeat the same tired ideas. We need a governor who has new ideas and the discipline to have them discussed and debated about. I get the feeling that the governor could only substitute in a kindergarten class as this is the education level the board of education, teacher unions, and aspire too.

  5. Retirees are keeping New Mexico’s population from declining sharply even though the state does absolutely nothing to attract them and never makes the list of best places to retire. Imagine how many retirees New Mexico could attract with better tax treatment. But perhaps they would vote the wrong way.

  6. Politicians are always parading ot the military in their election commercials but when it comes times to do something positive for the military community they thumb their nose at us. It’s time we forget their name at the ballot box.

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