Chief Executive Magazine Ranks Best States for Business = Red States w/ Free Market Policies

Chief Executive Magazine has just come out with its annual survey of the best states for business. The results are not terrible for New Mexico considering our usual status at the absolute bottom of many of these lists (we’re 30th). But the results are striking for other reasons. Here they are:

Here are the top 10 states on the list:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Every one of theses sates except Florida and Nevada are red states, and those two are swing states (Democrats and Republicans have split the last four presidential elections there).

Now, for the bottom 10 (10 worst overall states to do business)

New Jersey
New York

As the blog Federalist Papers points out:

Every single one of these states (the bottom 10) is run by Democrats.

6 out of 10 of these states are among the 10 people want to leave most. Shocking, people don’t want to live somewhere that punishes people people pursuing the American dream.

Notably, all of the top 13 states are Right to Work while none of the bottom 13 are. Four of the top 10 states have zero income tax rates while many of the bottom 10 have the highest marginal income tax rates.

New Mexico’s left-wing policy leaders love to demonize job creators, but these are the business leaders that start businesses and create the jobs our state so desperately needs.

HT: Dennis Schlessinger

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3 Replies to “Chief Executive Magazine Ranks Best States for Business = Red States w/ Free Market Policies”

  1. Michigan has a (sort of) Republican Governor, Republican House and Senate and a right to work law.

  2. We do not look at who has majorities in the two houses today only; we look at how long, we look at the histories of both, and those who have controlled the major cities in the state. Unions and other leftist organizations, larger cities, UM, along with some arrogant and uncaring industrial operators have devastated the state and its economy over decades.
    GM should have been placed into bankruptcy sale, instead of being stolen from its investors by the current administration and handed over to a morally bankrupt bunch of union flacks and leftist loyalists to pay their unfunded obligations. This experience has shown the grossly illiberal attitude of the feds and the state.
    Sad to see what people have done to Detroit, Buffalo NY and other once-viable economies.

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