Big Bill IS Paying Attention!

A few weeks ago I outlined efforts underway in Louisiana to cut spending bloat. This involved forming a commission to reduce government spending and eliminate wasteful programs. The efforts have yielded some excellent results. Recently, our own Governor, Bill Richardson, who I criticized in my piece for pushing only for higher taxes, named another commission and the mission of the new “Committee on Government Efficiency is to thoroughly review all areas of state government and analyze
potential savings through streamlining, consolidating and eliminating certain areas.”

We at the Rio Grande Foundation applaud Governor Richardson for his willingness to look beyond tax hikes in closing New Mexico’s massive budget deficits. The naming of this commission is a good first step. Hopefully, when the “rubber hits the road” in the upcoming legislative session, Governor Richardson and legislators alike will focus at least as much on ways to reduce unnecessary spending as they do on “revenue enhancements.”

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2 Replies to “Big Bill IS Paying Attention!”

  1. Stay tuned. Let’s see who is on the commission and whether anything meaningful comes of it. Wouldn’t it be totally “Bill-like” to appoint a Commission who will then recommend raising taxes, thereby providing cover for Bill? The concept of decreasing the size of government and, thereby reducing government spending and budget deficits is not part of the agenda of Bill Richardson and the Democrat dominated legislature. The fact that Richardson could only find 59 of his non-exempt employees to fire in order to cut expenditures tells the true story of his commitment to saving the taxpayers’ money. In Richardson’s world view, New Mexico and New Mexican taxpayers’ money is simple a means to an end – the end being Richardson’s belief that he is entitled to be a big shot. If anyone believes that Bill Richardson cares about the best of interests of New Mexico, they are fools.

  2. Dear Paul,

    Big Bill recently furloughed Ms Vigil-Giron from state employment. I have numbers of questions on her situation.

    1. Why was she seemingly a crony receiving state funds under Big Bill, while under indictment from NM AG King’s Office?

    2. Did this indicate something of a split in the Dem Political Machine? Or, was there some deal going on?

    3. Does this all tie into the prior Albuquerque Grand Jury investigation of Big Bill, which has since been dropped?

    4. Was Vigil-Giron to testify, or did she testify @ that Grand Jury, & for the Defendant or Prosecution?

    5. Earlier this year, the Santa Fe New Mexican ran a story not favorable to the activities of land developer, Sonny Otero, & his interaction w/ NM state government. The New Mexican isn’t exactly a prime source for investigative journalism. This story had all the fingerprints of a leaked story from a Prosecuter’s Office. Was there a tie in?

    Thank you.

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