Big Bill Sez: Raise Taxes!

Bill Richardson has a lot invested in the Spaceport that has been proposed for southern New Mexico. That’s why he traveled to Las Cruces recently to make the pitch that voters should raise taxes to fund the project. As shaky as the economics of the spaceport really are — did you know that Richard Branson just signed an agreement to use a Swedish spaceport? — residents of Doña Ana County and throughout Southern New Mexico have to wonder if their tax money will be wasted. After all, New Mexico’s spaceport will be competing with those in several other states and countries to serve a market for private space travel that doesn’t even exist yet.
Bill Richardson is by no means the only politician who thinks he knows better how to spend your money than you do, but his energy, power, and ambition (along with a distinct misunderstanding of economics) make him an ardent and rather effective supporter of big government.