Big Box Store Closes: Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth Ensues

Wait, aren’t big box stores supposed to be evil? Isn’t that why the liberals want to tax them? You wouldn’t know they were evil from the remarks of some of their small-store colleagues when it became public information that Borders Books was going to go out of business.

Said one shop owner near the Sanbusco Borders which is to be closed, “Borders increased sales for surrounding shops” and “Before Borders, this place was bad, there were empty stores all the time.” Another Borders neighbor said, she’s “worried about losing Borders” because her store “has plans to expand and we can’t sit empty.”

Thankfully, mandatory combined reporting is not going to happen because of Susana Martinez, but if liberals had their way and taxes were raised, I wonder which big box store would close next (thus causing a crisis for its New Mexico-owned neighbors)?

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  1. I believe corporate taxes are 35 percent, second highest after Japan. Granted, corporations generate profits and then move the reporting into lower corporate tax rate states. If the big box retailers provide jobs here, then I say make it more tax-friendly for them to do business here. There are plenty of off-shore countries for corporations to reduce their tax liability – here’s an idea – let’s make New Mexico an on-shore place to reduce their tax liability.

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