Big Surprise: Financial Intervention Failed

While it will take quite some time to discern the success or failure of the massive government intervention we have seen throughout the US economy in recent weeks, one policy — the ban on short-selling — has already been proven a failure. As the article points out, “The short selling ban hasn’t stopped the decline in bank stocks. An index of the 34 U.K. financial stocks on the banned list has fallen 22 percent since Sept. 19, compared with an 18 percent drop for the FTSE 100 Index of the largest U.K. companies and 10 percent for the FTSE All-Share Index.”
This is no surprise since government intervention in the economy caused this mess at the outset. As this article points out, it was government policy that created the Great Depression as well. Hopefully policymakers stop these interventions and let the economy run its course, but at this point there is no guessing what will happen next.