Bills of concern still in flux as session hits home stretch

New Mexico’s legislative session ends on Thursday at noon. Any bill not passed by both houses before then is considered dead for the session. Here are a few bad bills we’re watching:

SB 3 the Paid Family Leave bill which would raise taxes and make doing business in New Mexico harder for businesses could be up on the House Floor for final passage at any time.

HB 41 Clean Fuel Standard: This bill would force various “clean” fuels like ethanol and other biofuels into your gas tank. You can listen to our brand new podcast all about the issue here.  It is currently in Senate Finance Committee before a possible Senate vote for final passage.

HB 48 Raise Royalty rates (taxes) on oil and gas: is up in Senate Finance Committee today. If it passes out it can then be heard on the Senate Floor for final passage.

Find a list of Senate Finance Committee members here. 

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