Bills restricting New Mexico’s “emergencies” see some early success

It is way to early to be optimistic about them passing, but for those who (like the Rio Grande Foundation) would like to see a restoration of balance of power between the Legislature and Gov. in future emergencies, a few bills that would restore that balance have moved through their first committees.

HJR 3 and HB 80¬†would require some form of legislative approval to change or end a state of emergency in New Mexico. The former would amend New Mexico’s constitution to do it while the latter would do it legislatively (constitutional amendments are lengthier but do not require the Gov.’s signature).

After nearly three years since the Gov. declared COVID 19 an emergency. According to the National Academy for State Public Health New Mexico is one of just eight states in a declared emergency and MLG shows no sign of letting go of her powers.

We hope that now that the 2022 elections are behind us the partisan Democrats in control of both houses will make separation of powers and “democracy” in New Mexico government a priority.