Bingaman’s Renewable Mandate

Whether it is mandated 401k’s, ObamaCare, or his latest, nationwide renewable mandate, it would seem that New Mexico’s senior senator’s best and only idea for turning our nation’s economy around is for the federal government to mandate economic growth.

Of course, the real-world economy doesn’t work like that. Mandates are necessary because the behavior that government force is used to dictate is not the most efficient or least expensive way to do things. Paul Chesser writing in the Washington Times As Chesser writes:

A study by the Washington-based Institute for Energy Research found that states with their own binding renewable electricity standards have 40 percent higher electricity prices than do states without such mandates.

The full impact of these renewable energy mandates at the state level has not yet been realized as most of them (like New Mexico’s, which goes fully into effect in 2020) are not fully-implemented. If Bingaman and his allies in Congress really want to turn the economy around, perhaps they will consider repealing some mandates. I’m not holding my breath though.

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3 Replies to “Bingaman’s Renewable Mandate”

  1. Of course that study showed higher energy costs for clean energy; the IER gets funding from oil companies like Exxon Mobil.

  2. If you turn off the supply of fossil fuels today at 9 a.m., is the world ready to run on alternative energy? I doubt that solar or wind will power my computer, run my car, take me on a flight to Miami, help make fertilizers, medicines, plastics ,or any number of other products we need in this contemporary age. Clean energy is great but it still needs subsidized by the government so that means it is a more expensive energy source. Do you think the oil and gas industry is going to get a fair shake from the ” Green Movement and Solar Industries? ” To imply that the study is useless because it was commissioned by Exxon Mobile is jumping the gun a little. Besides, what do you have against Exxon Mobile. They give you the product you need to run your car and heat your home?

  3. The renewable energy mandate or greening of America has major problems. There is a study on the internet from a university in Spain that says “for every green job created, we lost 2 regular jobs”. Spain is the leading edge in GREEN and has been going green for several years, their unemployment rate is around 25%, a goal we need to strive towards? I think not. The US Department of energy was created in 1977, I think, with the ultimate goal of “lessening our dependence on foreign oil”! how is that working out for us? I find it hard to believe that fossils were 1 mile deep in the gulf, so maybe abiotic petroleum is the answer, just clean up the byproducts.

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