Braver Angels to hold Red/Blue Workshop in New Mexico to bridge political divide

Braver Angels, the burgeoning national movement battling our country’s painful political divide in every state, will be presenting its signature event, the Red/Blue Workshop, online via Zoom on Saturday, March 4. You can participate in this free event!

This event, hosted by BA’s North-Central New Mexico Alliance, brings together an equal number of people (usually 5-8) from different sides of the spectrum in a structured but spirited conversation aimed at moving beyond partisanship to work together for goals we share.

Thousands of people across the country have joined in these workshops and found through personal interaction that having a different opinion need not make someone else our enemy, and that the fight to save the nation we
love begins with a cease-fire among ourselves.

Searching for solutions beyond partisanship is a key goal Braver Angels shares with the Rio Grande Foundation, said BA’s New Mexico state coordinator, Marty Gerber. All levels of the organization, he noted, from local to national, share their leadership between Red-leaning and Blue-leaning citizens, and the
local alliance is actively seeking to add more conservative participants for its March 4 workshop.

Further information and a chance to sign up are available here.

Asked how realistic it was to think the polarization that continues to shred our country can actually be changed, Gerber quoted the words of Keith Johnson, a Republican who had just attended his first BA Red/Blue Workshop: “If you did 20,000 of these across the nation,” Johnson said, “you would change the world—I truly believe that.”

In 2019 Paul sat down with New Mexican Scott Lopez who was State Director at the time to, among other things, discuss Braver Angels.

Braver Angels Workshop: Depolarizing Within - Florida Humanities