Brief RGF explainer video shows how much of NM has been minimally-impacted by COVID 19

We at the Rio Grande Foundation have found the New York Times’ website tracking COVID 19 to be very useful in better understanding the important data surrounding the Virus and the State of New Mexico’s response to it.

Watch this short, 3 minute video and you too will better understand the situation.

A digital map is also available:

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5 Replies to “Brief RGF explainer video shows how much of NM has been minimally-impacted by COVID 19”

  1. Dear Paul and Patrick and all others involved at RGF,

    The New York Times data is great! Thank you so much.

    Last Friday, June 10, after I saw that MLG was reinstating rules against indoor dining in restaurants, I sent an LTE to the Albuquerque Journal which has not been printed, basically asking “Where are the data to show the explosion in cases that MLG is claiming?”. The only data printed in the ABQ Journal have been the daily totals, where you can’t see increases or decreases without going to some work. Surprise, surprise! Today there was a chart that looks very much like the NYT chart showing daily 7-day average of cases. Thank you so much for the link to that data in the NYT, as that NYT page shows so much more than just that moving average. And it appears to be updated daily, so I can use that link to keep track of all that they are reporting.

    Yes, there has been a large increase in daily cases since mid-June, but the percentage of total deaths to total cases day-by-day has been going down gradually (from about 4.4 % to 3.4 % today) because I HAVE been tracking that number for NM. I know that is a “lagging” indicator, but it should be showing some increase by this time if all the new cases are as serious as they were before mid-June.

    Thanks again for all this information!

  2. Paul, the deaths per county figure is also available at the health department “dashboard” site by clicking on the individual counties for the county stats:

    What is interesting is what information is NOT available on the dashboard site. No information about death per age group, death by ethnicity and deaths in long term care facilities. We know the state has this info because it was written about in the wonderful Journal article of 7/1. My cynical conclusion is that the state does not want to disclose that info.

  3. As Neil has pointed out, previously the deaths in NM is about 3 percent of those testing positive for covid 19. That means that about 97 percent of those testing positive recover. Where in these scientific data is the reason for ruining NM, and the rest of the country?

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