Buddy, Can you Spare an Emissions Credit?

Under the pretense of trying “leading the way” on global warming, the Albuquerque Journal reported today (link available to subscribers) that because the state has failed to cut emissions adequately under its self-imposed effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the state is going to spend 30 to 50 thousand taxpayer dollars to purchase emissions credits from some lucky source that will cash in on the state’s wasteful use of taxpayer money for meaningless credits.
Of course, this has very little to do with “global warming,” rather it is about Governor Richardson position himself as a national leader on the before the Democratic primaries two years from now. Of course, NM is the only state in the program so we are the only taxpayers being gouged for no reason at this point.
According to the story, New Mexico‚Äôs efforts supposedly removed a whopping 433 cars off the road. I’m sure that if global warming is caused by humans and their use of carbon-based fuels that we are well on our way to solving the problem now.
Oh well, it just goes to show that politicians will never run out of creative ways to waste our tax money.