Buzzfeed Spaceport story and the lessons for Tesla

I was quoted extensively for this story on the New Mexico Spaceport. I particularly enjoyed this picture which included one of my quotes:

While the Spaceport continues to await it’s full start-up phase, the mistakes made with the Spaceport can provide a blueprint for what NOT to do with Tesla. There are many parallels, most specifically in terms of the speculative nature of the technology at play and the fact that while both space travel and automobiles are proven technologies, the models being tried here are unproven. See, for example, the recent story about the dramatic range reduction experienced by electric vehicles in cold weather.

Specifically, a large infusion of taxpayer dollars would be the absolute worst thing to do in the case of Tesla. Bill Richardson saddled New Mexico taxpayers with a spaceport with a dubious future and of questionable viability. Hopefully Gov. Martinez takes this lesson to heart.

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3 Replies to “Buzzfeed Spaceport story and the lessons for Tesla”

  1. I hope “we” (New Mexicans) don’t fall the line from Tesla. Being from S.E. NM, I also feel that if Tesla was looking to locate here, they (NM lawmakers) wouldn’t even consider a special session. Seems only the upper Rio Grande benefits and yes SE NM contributes large amounts of money from the gas & oil business.

    1. I totally understand John. I completely agree that we shouldn’t GIVE Tesla any of our hard-earned tax dollars. Giving them some exemptions and credits to bring them here is more palatable. After all, with no Tesla, we wouldn’t see any additional tax revenue or economic activity. With Tesla, we could see additional tax revenue, jobs, and economic activity.

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