California city exempts celebrity chef from gas stove ban

As we’ve discussed in this space, Sen. Martin Heinrich has been a leading proponent of getting rid of gas stoves. But, when it comes to government-imposed inconveniences we all know that certain favored celebrities and wealthy individuals often exempt themselves or are exempted from the most onerous rules and regulations.

So, it was no surprise when media outlets reported that Palo Alto, California (which has a gas stove ban in place) decided to exempt celebrity chef Jose Andres from its ban when the chef threatened the City with a lawsuit.

In her letter to the City attorney Anna Shimko wrote  that (Andres’ proposed restaurant) Zaytinya relies on traditional cooking methods that only natural gas appliances would grant “to achieve its signature, complex flavors.”

We support Chef Andres’ in his battle but only hope that ALL restaurants are exempted from the gas stove ban.